November 18, 2023 Kelly Hamill


Makes 750g mixture, 7.5g protein total. 1.3g protein/100g. 75g=1g protein. This can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the plain flour/egg. I make this in the Phillips automatic pasta machine and find the pasta tubes/penne type to be the best. I lay them out on a tray, freeze them and them store them in the freezer in a tupperware container.


275g liquid: 480g dry

50g plain flour (5g protein)

430g Platypus Bread mix

½ teaspoon salt

15g egg yolk (2g protein)

100ml aquafaba (1g protein)

160ml water (or substitute with 150g cooked, mashed pumpkin and 15-30ml water, depending on the moisture content of the pumpkin)


1.Mix liquid ingredients together and set aside. 

2.Mix dry ingredients together and put into pasta machine

3.Start the machine on the 2 cup cycle, pour in the liquids, adjusting by 10ml or so if needed.

4.As the pasta extrudes, use wheat starch to stop the pasta sticking to itself.

5.Twirl into 75g bundles or cut the tubes into segments and freeze as above.


To cook, place in boiling water for 3 minutes for tresh, 5 minutes for frozen pasta.

Serve with butter, pesto, herbs or tomato sauce

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