Platypus Foods for PKU

Platypus Foods is an Australian company that has just started manufacturing low protein bread and baking mixes for metabolic disorders like Phenylketonuria (PKU).  

Individuals with PKU and other metabolic disorders deserve the best food at an affordable price. 

UPDATE 23rd November 2017

The next run have been done and is in Melbourne awaiting shipping up here to Bellingen. I have restocked this so people in Melbourne who want to pick it up direct can order (Kiro at Choice Premixes 6 Fleet St Somerton VIC 3062, tel 03 93089777). Select the free shipping to Bellingen option at checkout. Others who want to order can do so but the flour won't be sent out for about another week. 

UPDATE 5th January 2017

The new 5kg bags are now in stock and can be ordered. $35 for 5kg of baking mix; $38 for 5kg of bread mix. The remaining 10kg bags of baking mix are $50 each.

Note the last run was half and half bread and baking mix, but due to the popularity of the bread mix, this run is 3/4 bread mix and 1/4 baking mix. Thus I have 150 x 5kg bags of bread mix and 50 x 5kg bags of baking mix. 

UPDATE 4th January 2017

The new batch is at the depot and I will pick it up tomorrow. Once I have had a look over it and am sure everything is ok, I will update the website to allow orders. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon/evening, orders can be placed. 

UPDATE 28th August 2016:

I have a strong belief in universal healthcare and want to ensure that everyone gets the same chance to benefit from the products I developed for my darling, Olive.

Platypus Foods is therefore now going to be sold on a “pay what you can afford” basis

If you are struggling, pay what you can.

If you have plenty, feel free to pay more. Please bear in mind the usual cost of these products and that your generosity will allow me to supply this food to someone less fortunate.

I do not draw a salary from Platypus Foods and therefore all money from sales goes directly to funding the manufacture and sales of these products. All time I spend on Platypus Foods also takes me away from my family and my usual paid work.

This is as much a social experiment as an effort to get quality, affordable medical food to people living with metabolic disorders.

Be kind.