Platypus Foods for PKU

Platypus Foods is an Australian company manufacturing low protein bread and baking mixes for metabolic disorders like Phenylketonuria (PKU).  

Individuals with PKU and other metabolic disorders deserve the best food at an affordable price. 

UPDATE 30th April 2018

Free pick up for people in Melbourne this week. Place the order and select free shipping. I will send you a confirmation email and you can contact the warehouse to collect: Kiro at Choice Premixes 6 Fleet St Somerton VIC 3062, tel 03 93089777. Please note that this is a warehouse and doesn't usually sell direct to the public and Kiro is doing us a great favour in letting us do this. The flour is getting labelled and will be shipped up to Bellingen soon so I'm not sure how many days this offer will be for. Everyone else can order as usual. 

Happy baking