PKU Association of NSW Non-profit organisation based in Sydney that provides support for families and individuals with PKU, promotes awareness, support research and does amazing fundraising work to support the work of the team at Westmead Children's Hospital in their search for better treatments and a cure.

Metabolic Dietary Disorders Association (MDDA). Australian charity that provides support to individuals with metabolic disorders.

Cook for Love a culinary not-for-profit dedicated to the PKU community. I used Brenda's recipes for inspiration and examples of ingredients, baking times, etc.These recipes are excellent but if they are a little too high in protein for you, try experimenting with Platypus Foods baking mixes. 

Recipe Books:

Virginia Schuett's Apples to Zucchini and Low Protein Cooking for PKU.

Her bread recipes are great and I have had good success substituting my mixes for the Welplan mix she uses. I particularly like the "brown bread" recipe that uses the magic of applesauce, bicarb soda and baking powder to make a golden brown loaf.